How can better use of data modernize water management?

Data touches nearly every inch of the water sector, and the importance of it as new innovations and management practices modernize our water systems cannot be understated. Professionals working in disciplines related to urban water management, water resource conservation, supply- and demand-management, water efficiency and water reuse are invited to submit an abstract (no more than one page) for a session for the fourth annual Water Data Summit at UC Davis August 22nd and 23rd 2019.

Abstracts will be accepted on all topics related to the following areas:

  • Policy / Advocacy - Dealing with data in policy

  • Water efficiency and the environment

  • Landscapes and Outdoor water use

  • Water budgeting

  • Lessons from the water industry for California’s office of digital innovation

  • Internet of water update

  • Water-Energy

  • Marketing data

  • Unique data-focused success stories

  • Water markets

  • Water quality data

  • Water accounting

  • Water Loss Management

  • AB 1755 technical implementation (including experimental results from using the DWR testbed)

  • Agricultural water data issues such as SIGMA implementation

A few guidelines for abstract submission:

  1. Abstracts should be no more than one page

  2. Please indicate which of the above topics your abstract covers, if none of the above, please include a rationale for why it should be included in this conference

  3. Include contact information including your name, organization, email, and phone

Deadline and how to submit:

Abstracts should be submitted via the following form no later than: May 31, 2019